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Blood Diamonds  – a darkly funny tale of twisted love, foolish faith, high drama, and unlikely salvation.

In the historic cathedral city of Durham, four young adults are pitched together as house sharers. Albert: a lackadaisical genius with a comedian's wit and a very guilty conscience. Ron: a far from normal bloke trying to get on in the normal world, but fated to lose everything. Joe: an undiscovered artist tormented by self-doubt. Penny: an American scientist on the run from her outraged countrymen. Soon, their bizarre troubles and unlikely misfortunes become turbulently interwoven.

Spanning eight episodes, the characters'  backstories are teasingly revealed in anachronistic flashbacks. In the climactic final episode, suicidal acts seem the only way forward for the distressed foursome.  And in that stormy concluding episode, it becomes clear how they were each driven to such wild desperation.  

Arriving at their darkest moments on the same frenzied day, only the screwball interventions of their equally-suffering fellows holds out any hope of keeping each from an early grave.


an 8-part TV comedy-drama in development

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